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Dr Anjali Ghatge is the best cosmetic dermatologist in South Mumbai and is an admired beauty expert with vast experience in anti aging treatment. An alumnus of Nashik Health University, Dr Anjali has completed her Post Graduation in Dermatology from the College Of Physicians and Surgeons in Mumbai. The Skin specialist has her clinic in South Mumbai, which focuses on treatment(anti-ageing, acne scars, chemical peels, dark circles ) and hair treatment that helps to reduce hair loss. She is the best botox and dermal fillers specialist in south Mumbai. She is also the best dermatologist known to deliver natural results. Dr Anjali is the best dermatologist focusing on achieving radiant skin and promoting good skin health.


Dr Ghatge was the specifically chosen dermatologist in India selected for Paris's skin quality advisory board.vDr Anjali Ghatge has worked in cosmetic dermatology for more than 14 years. The International Society conferences have invited her as Faculty and speaker for conferences like IMCAS Paris and The Refine meeting in Osaka.

She endeavoured to be the best dermatologist, further enhancing her knowledge of anti-ageing treatment and skills to achieve healthy skin. Dr Anjali Ghatge has attended numerous international courses from Los Angeles, Monaco, Singapore, and London. She is undoubtedly the best dermatologist in Mumbai. Dr Anjali has been practising in Mumbai for over a decade and is passionate about creating natural beauty.


Dr Anjali Ghatge is one of the few dermatologists in Mumbai that has published papers in international journals covering the latest clinical trials in anti-ageing skin issues. The skin specialist believes in using the latest methods, which are backed by scientific evidence, to deliver the best skin results. Dr Anjali Ghatge is one of the leading dermatologists in Mumbai for problems, hair loss and anti-ageing. The dermatologists in Mumbai believe that newer advances of science used by skin specialists in dermatological treatments, laser treatments, anti-ageing treatment and hair loss treatment are excellent solutions for those patients who would like to avoid surgical procedures.

Skin Goals

Dr Ghatge believes that aesthetic dermatology should have 360 degrees approach towards the skin and hair. The skin specialist feels that for ailments like hyperpigmentation, dark circles or acne treatment, there are many options, including superficial peels or laser procedures, carbon dioxide laser, intense pulse light therapy, pulse dye laser and many other laser treatment. Choosing the proper option at the best clinic with the best dermatologist in Mumbai is crucial.

Hair care needs to start early; the treating dermatologist in Mumbai should try to prevent hair problems. Otherwise, a Hair transplant will remain the only option in late hair fall and thinning cases. As a renowned cosmetic dermatologist, she has a range of skin treatments that help with rejuvenation by treating skin pigmentation and dark circles, reducing acne scars, and providing suitable acne treatment. Skin specialists will understand the problems and then formulate reliable skin care. In some cases of acne pits, the best dermatologist may need a combination of dermatological treatments and cosmetic procedures (chemical peels). The anti-ageing treatment includes wrinkle treatment, which provides dermal fillers and botox treatments from the best cosmetic dermatologist.