Thread Lift Treatment in South Mumbai: How Does It Work?

Thread Lift

Thread Lift is an innovative, minimally invasive procedure promising subtle, natural-looking results without the prolonged recovery times associated with traditional facelifts. This blog aims to shed light on the mechanics and effectiveness of Thread Lift treatment.

The process employs dissolvable threads made from a biocompatible substance, typically Polydioxanone (PDO), which are introduced into the deeper layers of the skin.

These threads, applied over meticulously planned and marked areas, tug the skin upwards, immediately bestowing the desired firmness and youthful contours. After this procedure, the threads induce a healing response, catalyzing collagen production and enhancing the skin’s strength, elasticity, and overall appearance. Dr Anjali Ghatge is a cosmetic dermatologist practicing in South Mumbai, India. She is the best thread lift expert, faculty, trainer, speaker at various International Society Forums and a member of The Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists and Leprologists. Her Clinic in South Mumbai clinic offers the best thread lift procedure for loose skin.

As we delve deeper into the core aspects of Thread Lift treatment, there’s a lot to uncover regarding its benefits, potential side effects, and the unmatched expertise offered in South Mumbai’s aesthetics scene. It’s crucial to understand how the procedure works, both theoretically and practically, before making an informed decision about whether it’s right for you.

Defining Thread Lift

Thread Lift, often called a ‘lunchtime facelift,’ is a revolutionary, minimally invasive aesthetic procedure for those seeking an immediate remedy to sagging skin and the signs of aging. The process utilizes temporary, medical-grade sutures to tighten the patient’s skin against the facial tissues. These threads are implanted into the skin’s subcutaneous layer, helping lift the loose, sagging skin and redefine facial contours.

The process provides an instant lifting effect and leads to stimulation of skin cell regeneration and collagen production, reducing wrinkles and resulting in a naturally youthful appearance over time. The thread lift technique is a cosmetic surgery that uses special threads to lift the loose skin and restore volume. The thread lift procedure is minimally invasive, often performed under local anaesthesia, and is becoming famous for enhancing one’s aesthetic appeal.

The Evolution of Thread Lift Surgery

  • The journey of Thread Lift surgery has been one of continuous innovation and improvement.
  • The early phases of the procedure, dating back to the 1990s, used permanent threads which occasionally resulted in complications such as infection, thread breakage or extrusion.
  • Over the years, developments led to the introduction of absorbable (disappearing) threads, minimizing prior risks and side effects while enhancing overall results. 
  • Today, various types of threads, like Polydioxanone (PDO), Polycaprolactone (PCL), and Poly-L-Lactic acid (PLA) are used, tailored to suit different patient needs.
  • Each thread material and technique evolution has increased safety, superior results, and excellent satisfaction rates. Dr. Anjali Ghatge’s South Mumbai, India clinic delivers the latest and most effective thread lift treatments.
  • It originated as a subset of cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery. Over time, the technique was fine-tuned, so thread lift procedures became safer and more result-oriented.

The Procedure of Thread Lift for Sagging Skin

PDO Thread Lift

A thread lift, a barbed suture lift, is a cosmetic procedure that addresses loose skin, offering a much less invasive alternative to a traditional facelift.

The doctor will inserts the specialized threads under the skin of the person using thin needles. These threads, equipped with tiny barbs, latch onto sagging tissue to gently lift and tighten the skin. This pdo thread lift is done under local anaesthesia, and it takes around 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the specific areas being treated.

In the thread lift procedure, the doctor most commonly used threads are inserted beneath the skin to lift sagging tissues. This creates an immediate but natural tightening effect on the tissue and a rejuvenated appearance. The best dermatologist in South Mumbai, India will offer the most accurate treatment. 

PDO Thread Lift: The New Paradigm

PDO thread lift, a version used by doctors and surgeons is a procedure that uses PDO threads, provides excellent results with minimal downtime. The inserted threads also stimulate collagen production over time, leading to firmer skin and an enhanced skin tone. 

Why Choose a Thread Lift? 

Thread Lift Markings

Thread Lift treatment stands as an attractive prospect for those keen to erase time from their appearance but hesitant towards traditional surgical procedures.

It’s a viable choice for several reasons.

Less Invasive

Firstly, it is considerably less invasive than a surgical facelift, carried out under local anaesthesia and usually completed within an hour. The downtime is minimal, often allowing patients to return to normal activities the same day.

Visible Lift

In addition to the immediate visible lift, the lift surgery triggers the body’s natural healing response, stimulating collagen production for an ongoing, progressive rejuvenation. Unlike the abrupt alterations associated with surgical interventions, these changes translate into a gradual, subtle regeneration, preserving a natural aesthetic. 


Furthermore, with the relative affordability compared to a complete surgical facelift, Thread Lift offers a cost-effective strategy to regain youthful skin. The doctors in South Mumbai, India renowned employ expert practitioners meticulously trained in thread lift procedures, ensuring optimal patient safety and results.

Minimally Invasive

Thread lifts are attractive for patients seeking a minimally invasive solution to combat aging and restore fullness to the lower face without using chemical peels or fillers. 

Thread Lift Results

Results of a thread lift are almost immediate, with most patients noticing an enhancement in their facial structure right after the procedure. Post-procedural swelling may occur, but these generally subside within a few days. 


Aftercare is pivotal in maintaining the longevity of a thread lift, which can last up to 2 years.

They are advised to avoid activities like exercise, heavy weights, and extreme facial expressions for about two weeks post-procedure for optimum results. Over-the-counter pain medicine can be taken to manage discomfort if necessary. 

Importance Of Skin Care Routine

Also, protecting your skin from excessive sun exposure and adhering to a dedicated skincare regime – including hydration and nourishment – will help sustain the best treatment results. Regular follow-ups with your cosmetic surgeon are essential to monitor healing progress and promptly address any concerns. The results are usually noticeable immediately post the treatments. However, some swelling and bruising, which is temporary but can be visible.

The Cost Factor

Thread lift treatments can costs can depend on several critical factors, including the complexity of the required for the lift sutgery, the number of threads used, the specific area of the face, neck or any other part of body being treated, and the experience level of the doctors or surgeons performing the pdo thread lift.

The cost generally start from approximately Rs. 25,000 and can go up to Rs. 1,00,000 or more depending on the abovementioned factors. It’s important to note that since the pdo thread lift is a cosmetic procedure, it’s typically not covered by insurance. Thus, it’s essential for prospective patients to consider these financial aspects and discuss payment plans or financing options, if necessary, with their chosen clinic or hospital.

The Role of a Dermatologist

  • A skilled dermatologist plays a crucial role in ensuring the success and safety of a thread lift treatment.
  • Dr. Anjali Ghatge, best cosmetic dermatologist in South Mumbai will have an initial consultation where she will accurately assess the patient’s face and neck, to bring out optimal threads effects.
  • The doctors in South Mumbai possess in-depth knowledge about facial anatomy, helping them to avoid vital anatomy points, prevent complications and provide natural-looking results.
  • The cosmetic surgeon also provides post care instructions, anticipation of potential complications, and timely management of any issues.
  • Dr. Anjali Ghatge, the best cosmetic dermatologist in South Mumbai, India should be at the forefront of considerations when planning a thread surgery.
  • They understand the skin tissues and the thread used and can help to provide aftercare to ensure lasting outcomes. 

Understanding the Risks 

As with any medical surgery, thread lifting is not devoid of risks. Though generally safe, potential complications can occur, including infection, bruising, swelling, thread migration, facial asymmetry, or puckering or dimpling of the skin. Rarely, patients may experience nerve damage or allergic reactions to the thread material. 

An experienced cosmetic surgeon in South Mumbai, India will take steps to minimize these risks during the thread surgery, such as using sterile techniques, correctly placing threads to avoid nerve damage and choosing the right type of threads for your skin type and the specific area of treatment.  Being open about your medical history and closely following the dermatologist’s post-procedure care instructions can also significantly minimize potential risks.

Remembering that everyone’s skin reacts differently to the thread surgery is also pivotal. Hence, what may work seamlessly for one patient might cause complications for another, making unique medical assessment and personalized thread surgery planning of utmost importance. While thread lift is low-risk, patients may experience mild forms of bruising for a few weeks post-surgery.

Is the Thread Lift Procedure Right For You?

Thread lifting can be an effective option if you’re in your late thirties to early fifties and have noticed initial signs of skin laxity, sagging cheeks or jowls, neck wrinkles and mild-to-moderate facial lines. However, it’s only suitable for some. Your overall body health, medical history, and aesthetic goals can influence whether this thread surgery is correct. You’re encouraged to have a detailed consultation with a doctor.

Dr. Anjali Ghatge, cosmetic dermatologist in South Mumbai is known to provide a realistic expectation of the results. She will give all the details of risks and recovery processes and provide support to her patients related to the thread surgery. Remember, choosing a qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon in South Mumbai for the thread surgery heavily impacts the success of the treatment.

Thread Lift Vs. Traditional Surgery 

The driving factors making thread lift surgery preferred are its cost-effectiveness, minimal invasion, low risk. Furthermore, the lift surgery is carried out by Dr. Ghatge under local anesthesia in a clinic setting eliminating the need for a prolonged stay. Life after thread lift treatment is marked by improved self-confidence, as the treatment enhances facial aesthetics, giving a younger, vibrant look.


A thread lift at Dr Anjali Ghatge’s clinic in South Mumbai is a cosmetic procedure worth considering if you want to combat signs of aging. Dr.Ghatge is an expert in offering world-class treatment, ensuring you receive the best services. A thread lift’s cost and effectiveness make it a popular choice for a youthful appearance.

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